About our Bars

Our main bars are made with 70% Palenque dark chocolate, by Luker Chocolate, a 117 year old family-owned company dedicated to furthering sustainable cacao production. They produce chocolate with amazing flavor and all of their processes revolve around proper environmental stewardship and support for the communities where their cacao is grown. 

We feel like you have the best opportunity to taste the true flavor of a chocolate when you experience it directly in bar form. With a bar, you also get the maximal crunchy texture that is a delightful part of the chocolate eating experience.

We will incorporate a limited variety of additional ingredients to add texture or flavor to a bar, either by mixing them throughout the bar or by sprinkling them on as a topping. 

We hope you'll try our bars so you can experience the variety of flavors that chocolate can offer. There are plenty of flavors that go well with chocolate, but few have truly experienced how many different tastes chocolate can provide on its own.

The flavor of a chocolate varies depending on its growing environment. Most chocolates are a blend of cocoa beans sourced from a variety of different countries. When you source from a Single Origin, you get to experience flavors that are unique to each growing region.