At this point in time (Feb 2024) we are in the process of moving our production kitchen into a new space that will also include a small retail store. Getting everything running smoothly there is our main priority for the coming year.

There’s a long list of exciting things we’d like to begin but we want to make sure we have a strong foundation to build on top of. For that reason, we’re being conservative with our expectations and choosing our next steps carefully.

As of now “we” are a one-man operation. We are excited for a future where we have a team and can share the workload, and we trust that the right people will come forward in perfect timing.

Our main focus will always be making the best chocolates we can. As we continue to build our skills and refine our processes, we are actively considering what new formulas and types of chocolate products should come next. 

As we find our new rhythm in the shop, we will also be actively raising awareness with promotional and educational online content. We will make this available in text and video formats, using our email list and social media.

We want to provide a comprehensive look into our products and processes, to show everyone how we do things and why we make the choices we do. This discussion will also take a broader look at the space, exploring cacao, chocolate, and the broader industry of growers, makers, and producers.

Our intention with this is to root out any personal blind spots we may have while increasing consumer awareness so we can all trust that we’re making good choices when we eat chocolate.