Wholehearted Chocolate is guided by three core principles: Sustainability, Satisfaction, and Self-expression. For us, doing good work means bringing value to the world in an honest and creative way that encourages us to continue giving.

Our mission is to support healthy relationships so our world can heal.

We aim to accomplish this primarily by providing top quality dark chocolate to help individuals cultivate well-being on a personal level, specifically in relation to sugar and to stress.

Once the individual is in a state of internal peace, this state ripples out to positively affect everyone they come in contact with. Chocolate also supports social connection through the shared experience of giving and receiving.

Aligned, balanced humans make choices that support the greater good. As we come closer together we learn that we are all more similar than we are different. Once we know that, it becomes easier and more natural to zoom out and do what's right for everyone.

In a more direct way, our company supports this vision of wellness through careful sourcing to ensure that the chocolate we use supports the highest good of both the growers and the growing environment.