This is a general roadmap and vision for what we’d love to do moving forward (while continuing to develop and bring forward new varieties of dark chocolate products). 

Three broad categories: Social Impact, Community-Building, and Education.

Here are some potential ways we could engage with these areas of interest. If this sparks a light in you please reach out with any suggestions or ideas of your own!


  • Dark chocolate as an offering for connection

Facilitating the creation of meaningful rituals centered around chocolate, with oneself and/or with others

*This is a particularly-expansive category that could integrate any number of mind/body/heart practices

  • Community-Supported Chocolate

Membership program with early access and potential to creatively contribute to the development of new products

  • Workshops

In-person and online demonstrations relevant to understanding, making, and tasting chocolate

  • General culinary education

Emphasis on practical home-cooking skills for beginners

  • General wellness education

Bringing balance to an unbalanced world