About our Truffles

In brief, the term truffle refers to a flavorful ganache center encased in a snappy dark chocolate shell. Our ganache is essentially a combination of melted chocolate and grassfed ghee (or coconut oil, for the vegan options). This mixture has additional ingredients added to it depending on the recipe. We don't use any artificial flavorings or preservatives- we use real, natural ingredients to create true flavors that synergize with chocolate. 

We use polycarbonate molds to make our truffles. Each mold will make about two dozen pieces with a consistent size and shape. To make them, you essentially assemble them in reverse/upside down (shell first, then filling, and finally the bottom).

  • First, we'll choose a design element to help identify and amplify the flavor being made. This is usually a form of colored cocoa butter that we either paint into the mold beforehand or achieve using a transfer sheet, which will transfer a stenciled design onto the surface of the chocolate once it cools. 
  • Then we pour our tempered chocolate into the mold, let it sit briefly, and then invert the mold to pour out most of the chocolate, leaving a thin coating of chocolate behind to become our shell. 
  • While the shell is setting, we make our ganache and then fill the shells with it, leaving a small amount of space in each cavity for the bottom of the truffle.
  • We then pour a coating of fresh tempered chocolate over the mold and scrape off the excess. What remains in the mold is the bottom cap for the truffles, which bonds to the shell as it sets. 
  • Now the chocolates are left to finish setting. When fully set, the chocolate contracts away from the mold. This allows them to release easily.
  • Finally, we invert the molds and the truffles all come out. When done right, this is a very satisfying moment.
  • And then it's on to packaging! Which takes every bit as long as making the chocolates, but is not quite as exciting to do...


For most of our truffles we use a combination of two Single Origin Colombian dark chocolates- 61% dark in the center with 70% for the shell. 

See About our Chocolate for more specifics