the Short Version

1. Who

The maker behind Wholehearted Chocolate, Keenan Sherwood, is a self-taught chocolatier aiming to create something special at the intersection of food and wellness. After exploring cooking as fully as he possibly could for a decade, he went all-in on dark chocolate with the conviction that it is a perfect medicine for the modern world.


2. What

We make dark chocolate bars and truffles, primarily using single origin Colombian chocolates. We focus on clean flavor profiles that complement the natural tastes of chocolate without using any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Our truffles feature a ganache (luscious, dark, flavorful) center encased in a crunchy 70% dark chocolate shell. Our ganache base is a blend of pure dark chocolates with pure fats (ghee or coconut oil primarily, with a touch more of a liquid oil for the perfect texture). This is where we might also add supporting flavor ingredients depending on the recipe.

Our bars are also made with pure dark chocolates, with complementary ingredients either sprinkled on top or included within.


3. How

Our spirit provides the direction, our heart chooses the path, and our mind works with the body to make it happen!


4. When

After making chocolates at home for many years, we began selling our products in 2020 at the local Farmers Market. In 2023, we shifted to focus exclusively on chocolate so we can give it the attention it truly deserves.


5. Where

We are located in Rappahannock County, Virginia. Tucked away by the Blue Ridge mountains, it is a beautiful, rural setting about an hour and a half west of Washington, DC.


6. Why

We explore chocolate as a means of self-expression and creative growth. Dark chocolate can nurture the sort of real connections that the world needs- connections to self, to others, and to the greater environment we all share.

Our mission is to support healthy relationships- first with sugar and with stress on a personal level, and then more broadly with our family members and friends. From there our world can heal.