About our Chocolates

Our Chocolates

We use Palenque 70% dark chocolate for our bars and also for the outer shell of the truffles. This is one of the best all-around chocolates we've ever tasted, and it's produced by Luker Chocolate, a company on a mission we can all totally get on board with! Founded in 1906 and still family-run, Luker Chocolate crafts chocolates with amazing flavor and all of their processes revolve around proper environmental stewardship and support for the communities where their cacao is grown. 

Our second go-to chocolate is a 61% dark chocolate named Maranta. A bit sweeter and gentler than the Palenque, we use this chocolate for our ganaches.


Tasting notes from the Producer

Palenque 70% - A chocolate that is full of contrasts and that fills the palate with a mix of flavors. The cocoa tones flood the senses with their aroma, strengthened by bitter-roasted notes that last and give it the typical robustness of cacaos from the north of the country. Special coffee notes, its unctuosity and fruity acidity give this great chocolate its final touches.

Maranta 61% - A chocolate with the seductive flavor of citric fruits and spices, with herbal notes and light acid tones that gives a good balance between sweet notes and typical chocolate flavors. A mild, creamy, delicate texture.

 We use Luker Chocolates in all of our truffles, with the exception of the two flavors that include Gianduja*. For our Gianduja and Fika flavors we use a gianduja produced by Felchlin, a renowned Swiss chocolate producer. The specific gianduja we use has an especially high percentage of hazelnuts in the recipe, providing a pronounced nutty flavor.

*Gianduja is a term for the combination of lightly-toasted, finely ground hazelnuts combined with chocolate